Séverine Tournaire

Tell us a little about youself.

Hmmmm it’s very difficult to talk about me.

I always thought that others were better placed to do it 😉

So, I work in a French company which is leader in Energy. I work in the Technical and Major Projects Department, in charge of the intranet and everything related to the communication. I am dynamic, frank and always smiling.

I am married. I travel a lot and I am very active. Photography is my passion. I also like to read, go to the cinema and exhibitions. In music, I listen to everything except hard rock. But I mainly love Bruno Mars, R Kelly, Usher and Sia.


When did you start photography?

I’ve always loved to take pictures, but for 3/4 years it has became a real, passion. And since I’m on instagram, it’s worse! I am addicted to this application. Architecture has became obvious because I work in the biggest business district in Europe. And I’m a fan of all those amazing towers around me. It is a real big playground. Love this place.

Have you always shot in monochrome?

I love shooting in monochrome, mainly for architecture and when the sky is grey.


What do you enjoy most about monochrome photography? Do you shoot monochrome exclusively? If not, what other styles/genres do you enjoy?

What I like in black and white picture, it’s the contrasts and the areas of shadows. I find them mysterious. But I do not think so for all subjects. For example for flowers, what I like is to bring out and accentuate the colors. That’s why I also like the macro. I have a second account instagram dedicated to the macro: _happysty_pic

Are you currently working on anything (projects, series, etc.) that you’d like to share?

Except my 2nd account Instagram (we can share with pleasure ;-)), I plan to create a website for my pictures.

Before photography, my passion was painting. I used to paint a lot. I had my own website that my husband had created. But having no time to paint, I decided last month, to stop the subscription and it’s no longer visible.

But one day I will start painting again.


Other than Instagram, can we find your work anywhere else?

Not for the moment. However, an “IG friend”, journalist and artistic director recently asked me to be published in his magazine (few pictures with an interview, same questions as you). The article is due out in January. I will tell you more at this moment.

Is there anything else that I missed that you’d like to share?

I am flattered to have been contacted. What is funny is that @monochromemavens is one of the first hubs I have notified in my posts, maybe the first!



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