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“Originally from Barcelona, I relocated to LA about 10 years ago. My passion for monochrome started in my teens, with bedroom walls full of prints of Helmut Newton, Robert Doisneau, Willy Ronis, and other great photographers. I’ve always been moved by the feeling and mood that one can express in black and white. It is simple, yet so powerful at the same time. Color, I save for my other interest: urban street art. I find it a fascinating form of expression, one that elicits always some reaction from its broad audience. Splashes of color dot my monochrome world.”



  • I am originally from Mumbai, India and have been living in London for about 10 years.
  • What started as a hobby has now become a part of my everyday life. My concentration has always been with monochrome images.
  • I studied photography on a short course with the London school of art and design, after friends and family printed my work for their walls.
  • It’s been a wonderful learning journey where I have had the chance to work with other photographers and designers for exhibitions, magazines and galleries.  I work with a Nikon as well as the iPhone.
  • Monochrome photography has always intrigued me.  The black and white lets you focus on the story behind any image. The drama of light and shadow is more obvious and something I love to observe. Monochrome let’s the viewer explore the textures, shapes and lines giving better understanding of the composition.
  • I enjoy painting and sketches. Photography assists me in learning how to capture light on canvas better. I also enjoy reading, skiing and dancing.

liisa hannus


“I’m based in Vancouver, British Columbia but have a nomadic soul. At age 6, I accidentally created a double exposure and was hooked on photography. (I still have that photograph.) When I was 12, I was introduced to darkroom magic and my love with monochrome began. My eye is drawn to strong lines and curves, contrast and shapes, and I love how monochrome allows me to focus on that, even if I’m seeing in colour. When I’m not creating images or exploring the world, I help produce and run arts-based events and festivals.”