Our Story

Monochrome Mavens began on Instagram on January 12, 2015.

No one knew about the account yet, so I began by posting photos of my own and inviting people one-by-one to use the hashtag. A few people began to use it and, about half a year later, #MonochromeMavens had been used 1,000 times.

Then 5,000… 20,000… 50,000.

Who would’ve thought?

With the help of past and present moderators, our Instagram has blossomed into more than just a feature account. It has become a community. And with that came the next step that felt right.

On December 12, 2016, this blog was started. And the new chapter is currently being written. We hope to continue to better promote and connect with you here.

On behalf of the Monochrome Mavens team, thank you for reading and for joining us on this journey.

– Andre