Miki Lasch

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a pro photographer whose main hobby is photography. 😉
I worked for customers a long time, especially for Ballets. Indeed, dance photography is my specialty. By the way I made many exhibits on this subject. I had other activities, in particular in contemporary design. Now I shoot for my own pleasure and I’m very eclectic!


When did you start photography?

I started Photography as an Art when I was 18 and became a professional some years later.

Have you always shot in monochrome? What do you enjoy most about monochrome photography?

I always photographed and, even preferred, in monochrome because, for me, it’s the better way to get to the point, without the distraction of color, colors… That allows to give a more dramatic intensity to shots. Also, by nature I’m attracted by minimal and monochrome is more in this vein.


Do you shoot monochrome exclusively? If not, what other styles/genres do you enjoy?

When my customers asked for colors pictures… I made it of course and with pleasure because, sometimes, it’s very attractive ! But my preference is always monochrome and I find many styles and genres in it… As I said I’m eclectic, so I love to shoot architecture, nature, abstract, minimal, drama… and also play with light. It’s an endless universe. 😉


Are you currently working on anything (projects, series, etc.) that you’d like to share? Other than Instagram, can we find your work anywhere else?

Right now Instagram is my principal window, but I’ve many projects in the head (nothing concrete for the moment). I try to create a personal website and I’m thinking about doing some exhibitions…


Is there anything else that I missed that you’d like to share?

Finally, I would like to say that I photograph as I breath… and my camera is one of my best friends, it keeps intact my sense of wonder!